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Research Documents and Published Papers

Category Title Authors Year Publisher
WindbreakWindbreak Appraisal Naughton, Mooter, Woollen2008Nebraska & Kansas State Forestry Agencies
BiomassPaulwonia Tree Trials in Eastern Kansas Geyer2000University of Kansas
Weed MgtWeed Management on Military Artillery Ranges Geyer, Carlisle, Fick and Barbur2000Kansas State University
HerbicideUse of Herbicide to Reduce Stump-sprouting Following Thinning of an Eastern Black Walnut Agroforestry Planting Walter, Garrett and Godsey2004USDA-FS North Central Research Station
ProductsFactors Affecting the Quality of Walnut Lumber and Veneer Cassens2004USDA-FS North Central Research Station
SoilsBlack Walnut Suitability Index: A Natural Resources Conservation Service National Soil Information System Based Interpretive Model Wallace & Young2008USDA-FS Northern Research Station
ProductsMaking syrup from black walnut sap Naughton, Geyer & Chambers2006Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science
BuffersChange in filter strip performance over ten years Dosskey, Hoagland & Brandle2007Journal of Soil and Water Conservation
NutsChinese Chestnut Performance on the Western Fringe of Its Adapability in the Eastern Great Plains of Kansas Row, Geyer, & Casey2011101st Annual Report
NutsComparison of planting stock for establishing black walnut in central Kansas Geyer & Deneke2005Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science
BiomassBiomass production in the Central Great Plqains USA under various coppice regimes Geyer2006Biomass & Bioenergy
ProgenyCottonwood seed source trials in central Kansas Geyer & Lynch2010Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science
HerbicideCut-stump treatment of saltcedar (Tamarix ramosissima) on the Cimarron National Grasslands Fick and Geyer2010Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science
ProgenyEastern Redcedar Seed Source Test in Western Kansas Geyer, Lynch & Barden2009Arboriculture & Urban Forestry
AgroforestryRelationship to Three-Dimensional Structure to Shelterbelt Function: A Theoretical Hypothesis (Chp 14) Zhou, Brandle, Takle & Mize2007Ecological Basis of Agroforestry
AgroforestryModeling a Field Shelterbelt System with the Shelterbelt Agroforestry Modeling System (Chp 15) Mize, Colletti, Batchelor, Kim, Takle & Brandle2007Ecological Basis of Agroforestry
ModelingDeveloping above-ground woody biomass equations for open-grown, multiple-stemmed tree species: Shelterbelt-grown Russian-olive Zhou, Brandle, Schoeneberger, & Awada2007Ecological Modeling
BuffersGrass-shrub Riparian Buffer Removal of Sediment, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen from Simulated Runoff Mankin, Ngandu, Barden, Hutchinson & Geyer2007Journal of American Water Resources Association
Weed MgtWeed Management on Military Storage Gravel Lots Geyer, Fick, Carlisle, & Barbur2002Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science
ProgenyPerformance of Green Ash Seed Sources at Four Locations in the Great Plains Region Geyer, Lynch, Row, Schaeffer & Bagley2005Northern Journal of Applied Forestry
WindbreakInfluence of Windbreak-shelter on Light Interception, Stomatal, Conductance, and CCO2-Exchange Rate of Soybeans, Glycine max (Linnaeus) Merrill Ogbuehi & Brandle1981Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science
WindbreakInfluence of Windbreak-shelter on Soybean Growth, Canopy Structure, and Light Relations Ogbuehi & Brandle1982Crop Science
WindbreakInfluence of Windbreak-shelter on Soybean Production under Rainfed Conditions Ogbuehi & Brandle1981Agronomy Journal
WindbreakLeaf Area Development of Corn as Affected by Windbreak Shelter Zhang & Brandle1997Crop Science
WindbreakSoil Carbon and tree litter dynamics in a red cedar-scotch pine shelterbelt Sauer, Cambardella & Brandle2007Agroforest Syst
ProgenyRocky Mountain Juniper Seed Source Test in Western Kansas, US Geyer, Lynch & Barden2007Arboriculture & Urban Forestry
ProgenyProduction and Early Field Performance of RPM Seedlings in Missouri Floodplains Dy, Lovelace, Kabrick & Gold2004Proceedings of the 6th Walnut Council Research Symposium
ProgenySiberian Elm Seed Source Performance in Kansas Geyer, Iriarte, & Cunningham 2007APM.l!HbIE 3KOCMCTEMbI
BuffersAdoption of Riparian Forest Buffers on Private Lands in Nebraska, USA Skelton, Josiah, King, Brandle, Helmers & Francis2005University of Nebraska - Lincoln
BiomassBiomass and Wood Properties of Young Silver Maple Clones Geyer & Barden2008Wood and Fiber Science
BuffersRiparian Forests Protect Streambanks Geyer2010Kansas State University
Weed MgtEvaluation of Synthetic Mulches on the Establishment and Growth of Cottonwood Geyer, Atchison & Carlisle2006Journal of Sustainable Agriculture

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