Great Plains Society of American Foresters



Raymond Aslin
Robert Atchison
John Barbur, CF
Charles Barden (Fellow)
Billy Beck
Larry Biles, CF (Fellow)
David Bruton, CF
Stephanie Carlson
Dennis Carlson
Katy Dhungel
Wayne Geyer (Fellow)
Alice Hannon
Lisa Harrington
Keith Lynch
Timothy Menard
John Myers
Gary Naughton, CF
Ryan Neises
Lester Pinkerton (Retired Fellow)
Thad Rhodes
Nicole Opbroek
John Strickler (Retired Fellow)
James Strine


Dennis Adams
Rachel Allison, CF (Fellow)
Pamela Bergstrom
Jim Brandle
William Cambridge
Julie Huddle
Scott Josiah, CF
Casey McCoy
Constance Miller
John Overstreet
Steven Rasmussen, CF
Cory Schmidt
Michele Schoeneberger
Jason Severe
Kimberly Slezak, CF
Richard Straight, CF


Brent Olson, CF
John Gwaltney

CF indicates SAF Certified Forester. SAF Membership is described on the SAF website.

SAF Fellows
Professional member who has demonstrated a strong and continuing commitment through direct SAF volunteer activities and exemplary action, sustained leadership, and advancement of the forestry profession. Fellows are selected by nomination and a vote of the members.

Student Member
An undergraduate or graduate student in forestry, pre-forestry, or a forest technician program, or in another program within the broad field of forestry. Students have a reduced dues rate, and pay a lower rate at Gold level for 5 years post-graduation.

Members now have 3 levels of dues structure to choose from: Silver, Gold, & Platinum.

GPSAF listserver

The GPSAF provides a listserver for members to communicate with one another and share ideas. If you are a member and wish to sign up for the listserver send an email to Rachel Allison ( You will receive a confirmation message giving you instructions on how to use the server and options for various commands. Email addresses in the listserver are kept confidential.